What our 2 week holiday to Orlando really cost

Family photo meeting Goofy at Magic Kingdom

The O'Hallorans

The OHallorans

We’re made up of Lyndsey, John and Erin, who all love a new adventure. We try to get away as much as possible, especially during school holidays and variety is a must for us. That means staying anywhere from a luxury hotel to a hostel and it’s not often we go to the same place twice. 

The cost of a holiday to Orlando can be eye-watering, and that’s before you even get there. On top of things like hotels and flights, you have to think about food and souvenirs while you’re on holiday. If you’ve never been before, it can be hard to know what amount you might need. I’ve broken down the cost of everything we spent for our 2 week holiday to Orlando in 2023.

Flights and accommodation

We chose to book a package holiday with Virgin. I like knowing that if something goes wrong, Virgin will sort it out. Booking flights and accommodation separately can be cheaper if you want to do it that way instead.

Return flights from London Heathrow to Orlando International Airport. 15 nights at Lake Buena Vista Resort Village And Spa in a 2 bedroom apartment.

Pre-travel costs

As we had to travel to Heathrow to fly to Orlando, this incurred some additional costs. We stayed at a Premier Inn the night before our flight and left our car in an airport car park for the duration of our holiday. We also had to buy Erin a new passport and get ESTAS for our trip to America.

New passport for Erin.

ESTAS for the 3 of us.

Premier Inn for 1 night, parking at the hotel and breakfast.

Parking for 15 nights

Food at Spuntino at Heathrow Airport plus drinks while we were waiting to board the flight.

Park tickets

We knew that we wanted to go to both Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort during our holiday. Park tickets are not cheap and this is where you will end up spending a chunk of money. We booked with Attraction Tickets, where you can pay a deposit then pay off the balance in instalments.

Disney 14 day Magic tickets for 2 adults and a 7 year old.

Universal 3-park ticket for 2 adults and a 7 year old.

Erin meeting Donald Duck at Epcot - Mexico

Dinner show tickets

Having been to the Pirate’s Dinner Adventure before, we wanted to go back with Erin. We booked this advance via the official website.

Tickets to the Pirate Dinner Adventure show for 2 adults and a child. This included a 3 course meal.

Erin wanted a whole load of pirate accessories when we were at the show.

Discovery Cove

On top of the theme parks, we planned for a more relaxing day at Discovery Cove for John’s 40th birthday. Discovery Cove is an all-inclusive resort so our food and drink was covered for the day but we did pay extra to swim with dolphins. You can get good deals if you shop around and wait until Black Friday.

Entrance plus a dolphin swim for 2 adults and a 7 year old.

Family photo at Discovery Cove

Uber budget

As we didn’t have a car on this trip, we relied on free shuttle buses from our hotel and Ubers to get around. I set aside £500 for this before the trip, keeping it separate to our regular spending money. Ubers would vary in cost depending on where we were going and what time of day we were using them.

This included two trips from Orlando International Airport to our hotel, as well as Ubers to the theme parks, shopping and attractions.

Clothes and accessories

As the weather is a lot hotter in Orlando than it is here in the UK, we needed to buy some new clothes and travel accessories to take with us. I don’t have the actual figure for this but a rough amount.

This figure includes 8 t-shirts, new sandals and trainers for Erin, a few new t-shirts for John, 2 handheld fans, cooling towels, sun cream etc.

Erin stood outside at Lake Buena Vista Village Resort and Spa

Spending money

When I started to plan this holiday I worked out that taking £3000 in spending money would be plenty for the 2 weeks. I wanted to make sure we had enough to spend mostly whatever we wanted, to eat what we wanted and to be quite comfortable. I did keep track each day of what we spent so this is the best way for me to break it down:


We spent the majority of our days at Disney parks however, we didn’t end up spending nearly as much as I thought. A lot of this was due to the heat and us not being as hungry as we thought we would be. We ate a lot less than I had planned for.

Individual Lightning Lanes for Tron, Guardians of the Galaxy and Rise of the Resistance

Character meal at ‘Ohana
Meal at Cosmic Rays x2
Meal at Restaurantasaurus
Pizza at Trail’s End
Lunch at Connections Eatery
Yak and Yeti
Rainforest Cafe
Woody’s Lunch Box


Snacks, drinks, popcorn bucket and refills and ice-creams

Erin getting Minnie Mouse's autograph at Magic Kingdom


We only had 2 full days at Universal and therefore, not as much chance to spend lots of money. We could have easily spent a lot more in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter but, many of the items weren’t special or something we couldn’t get back at home.

Popcorn bucket and a refillable drink

3x pizzas
Cake at Honeydukes

Souvenirs including an interactive wand from Ollivanders

Erin with a Minion popcorn bucket and drink at Universal Resort Orlando

Sea World

We didn’t spend much money at Sea World at all. We didn’t have lunch there as we had a big breakfast and went our for dinner afterwards so a lot of this money was spent on things that Erin wanted.

Refillable drink cup
Drinks for Erin


I remembered loving going to Walmart when me and John went to Orlando in 2013. It was no different this time! As we stayed in a self-catering apartment, we stocked up on things like drinks, breakfast and snacks to help keep costs down elsewhere. Of course, we also brought back quite a lot of chocolate and snacks!


Eating out (outside of the parks)

As I mentioned earlier, we didn’t eat out quite as much as I thought we would. Some days we were too hot and some days we’d already had big meals. We enjoyed having a later start to some days with breakfast out, which seemed to set us up for hours.

Pizza Hut
Olive Garden

Denny's breakfasts. Pancakes, chocolate chip pancakes and a breakfast skillet

Discovery Cove

As this was an all-inclusive resort, we didn’t spend much money. However, there are still things to buy here, especially if you want photos of your day.

Photos from our dolphin swim

Additional spending

We spent a little bit of time going shopping during our 2 week Orlando holiday. This was a mix of Lake Buena Vista Outlets and shopping at the Florida Mall. I spent quite a lot on candles, and I would absolutely do the same again next time! They’re a lot cheaper, and nicer, than what we can get here.

Disney Outlet
Bath and Body Works
Yankee Candle

Total cost of our 2 week Orlando holiday

£11173.47 – total cost
£8602.25 – spending before the holiday
£2571.22 – total spending while on holiday

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