Pirate’s Dinner Adventure, Orlando: A family review

Me and Erin stood in the entrance to Pirates Town

The O'Hallorans

The OHallorans

We’re made up of Lyndsey, John and Erin, who all love a new adventure. We try to get away as much as possible, especially during school holidays and variety is a must for us. That means staying anywhere from a luxury hotel to a hostel and it’s not often we go to the same place twice. 

There is so much more to Orlando than the big theme parks. If you’re looking for something different to do on an evening, consider seeing an exciting dinner show, such as the Pirate’s Dinner Adventure.

Where is Pirate’s Dinner Adventure?

6400 Carrier Drive (off International Drive)
(407) 206-5102

Show times

Tuesday – Friday is 7:00PM
Saturdays – 4:00PM and 7:30PM
Sundays – 6:00PM

Mum and 7 year old daughter in pirate costumes waiting for the show to start

About Pirate’s Dinner Adventure

When you set sail with the crew at Pirates Dinner Adventure, you have front-row seats to an epic, swashbuckling adventure that unfolds before your very eyes! Watch the evil pirate Captain Sebastian the Black as he leads his crew of renegades against our heroes, Benjamin Blue and the beautiful Princess Anita.

Set aboard an 18th-century Spanish galleon with 40-foot masts, the show features action, romance, music, and breathtaking aerial stunts. Anchored in a 300,000-gallon indoor lagoon, the ship has been authentically replicated, with night sky lighting. Keep your eyes peeled, though. You never know when a mermaid or the Leviathan hidden in the deep might appear!

But no show is complete without an audience, and at Pirates Dinner Adventure, our audience plays a special role in each performance. Every night, children, adults, and pirates of all ages have a chance to come on stage and take part in the action. Everyone is invited to cheer and sing along as our pirates fight and swoop through the air, accompanied by cannon blasts, pyrotechnics, and plenty of laughs.

Pirate’s Dinner Adventure website

Admission prices

General admission

  • Adult (Ages 11+): $72.95
  • Child (Ages 3-10): $46.95
  • Infant (2 and under): Free

Treasure tickets

  • Adult (Ages 11+): $97.95
  • Child (Ages 3-10): $61.95
  • Infant (2 and under): Free

VIP tickets

  • Adult (Ages 11+): $109.95
  • Child (Ages 3-10): $73.95
  • Infant (2 and under): Free
Pirate's Dinner Adventure Orlando stage

What do tickets include?

With three different packages available, it might be confusing as to what you get with each. You can find a breakdown of the packages below, what’s included and what you get for the upgraded prices.

General admission

All packages include tickets to the show, as well as a three-course meal. This includes:

  • First Course: Soup or Salad. Once seated at your table, choose your first course.
  • Main Entrée: At the moment of booking, select your preferred main entree for each guest. We also offer vegetarian and gluten-free options.
  • Dessert: A delicious dessert
  • Unlimited soft drinks

Treasure tickets

  • Guaranteed third-row seating
  • 15% off alcoholic beverages
  • Includes one souvenir Pirate Bandana and one Eye Patch.

VIP tickets

  • Free Digital Photo
  • VIP Seating Front of house seating (first or second rows)
  • VIP tables seat up to 7 guests.
  • Complimentary Parking.
  • Your choice of Brownie or Cheesecake.
  • Includes one souvenir Pirate Bandana and one Eye Patch.
  • Priority access to the main show area.
  • 15% off alcoholic beverages

Before the show

The main doors open around 90 minutes before the show is due to start. When you arrive and show your tickets you’ll be told which coloured section you’ll be sitting in for the duration of the show. Before the seating area opens, you have some time to browse the merchandise on sale or get a drink from the bar. There is a lot to buy, including toys and props as well as more expensive options like replica swords!

Merchendise at Pirate's Dinner Adventure Orlando

If you really want to get into the show, you can buy accessories to match the colour of your section. We couldn’t resist buying these for Erin, so she could feel like a part of the yellow team. You’ll often find offers on if you buy more than 1 item. We ended spending way more than we thought we would though at around £53. This included a sword, hat, flag, eye patch and bandana.

7 year old girl dressed pirate accessories at Pirate's Dinner Adventure Orlando

Swashbuckling fun at the Pirate’s Dinner Adventure!

Back in 2023 me and John got married in Orlando and going to the pirate dinner was something we did during that holiday. We had the best time and as such, wanted Erin to experience it too. 

The show lasts for around 60-90 minutes and is non-stop from start to finish. There are several coloured seating sections, each corresponding to the colour of a pirate. Some areas may be fuller than others, depending on how busy that particular show is. There is tiered seating set around a replica 18th century galleon pirate ship, which doubles as the stage! No matter where you sit is a bad seat and you’ll have a pretty great view anywhere. 

The show is very much like a play, with a fantastic cast of entertainers. Colourful fierce pirates battle it out against the evil Captain Sebastian, while trying to save Princess Anita. Along the way you get to discover a taste of the pirate life, fight sea monsters in the high seas and watch exciting sword fights. The story is suitable for the entire family, including scallywags of all ages. There is obviously quite a lot of fighting; this is a pirate show after all!

Audience participation

During the show there are plenty of chances to get involved with some audience participation. Your pirate will ask for volunteers before the show gets started, ready for some games later on. This will be a mix of both adult and children.

If you have VIP tickets and are sat in the front row you might be more likely to get picked but that’s not guaranteed. We sat in the third row and all three of us got to go up and be a part of the show or play a game with our pirate. Not everyone in the audience will get to do this so it’s just the luck you have on the day.

Erin stood with the yellow pirate at. Pirate's Dinner Adventure Orlando

Food and drink

When you purchase your tickets online you choose what food you would like during the show. You also have the option to upgrade meals for an additional fee or to buy appetisers to eat before the show. You can also pay for any upgrades or additional food on the day of your visit.

Meal upgrade options at Pirate's Dinner Adventure Orlando


As we wasn’t too sure if Erin would like her main course we decided to order 2 portions of fries which cost $7.99 each. I paid for these when I booked our tickets online. At the time, I thought $7.99 was quite expensive however, I was really surprised with what we got. As chips go, these were absolutely delicious. They were really hot and fresh and the baskets were full so at least you get a well-sized portion.

Our fries were brought out before the show started, which was a bit strange seeing as we were going to have more food later. We didn’t mind too much though, and it give us something to nibble on while we waited for the show to start.

Some of the other options for appetisers were as follows:

Fries & Tenders $12.99
Chips & Cheese  $9.99
Chips & Guacamole $9.99
Onion Rings  $9.99
Cheese Sticks $9.99

Fries at Pirate's Dinner Adventure Orlando


For a starter, you will be served a salad at the start of the show. Our server asked if we wanted this or not, which I appreciated. Me and Erin weren’t fussed with the salad, especially after already eating some fries so we passed but John had some. It’s a fairly basic green salad with some croutons and dressing but the portion size was pretty good.

Pirate's Dinner Adventure Orlando salad

Main course

One of the most disappointing aspects to this dinner experience is the choice of food. For the main course you are able to choose from the Captain’s Chicken Meal or pasta. The pasta can be made gluten free and is an option when booking. This is the meal that comes with the ticket price however, you can pay extra (starting at $5.99) for upgrades to other meals such as pork loin, beef tenderloin and salmon.

I was actually really pleasantly surprised with the chicken dinner. The meal came with a decent portion of chicken mashed potato and vegetables including broccoli and carrots. Although fairly basic in terms of what was on the plate, the food was very nice and tasted lovely. The portion size was quite big and plenty enough for both me and John.

Roasted 1/4 Chicken, Yukon Gold Potato Purée, Seasonal Vegetables, served with a Demi-Glace.
Captain’s Chicken Meal

For children, there also wasn’t a great deal of choice. Erin had chicken nuggets which came with Mac n but the only other option was pasta (penne pasta with a savoury basic pesto sauce and seasonal vegetables) and I knew she wouldn’t eat that. Although Erin’s food didn’t look amazing, it tasted great and she was really happy with her meal. It would have been better served with fries so I was glad this was an extra option.

Golden Chicken Nuggets served with Creamy Macaroni & Cheese.
Children’s chicken nuggets with mac and cheese


With the basic ticket package, you get a brownie for dessert. By the time dessert arrived, we were so invested in what was happening in the show that I forgot to take a picture. However, the brownie was quite a small square piece with some sauce drizzled on the top. While it was a nice enough brownie, it wasn’t anything particularly special.

If you fancy something different, you can buy dessert upgrades to things such as Moonshine Cake, ice cream and cheesecake.

John and Erin at Pirate's Dinner Adventure Orlando making pirate faces


Included with a basic ticket package are unlimited soft drinks, or ‘unlimited soda’, during the show. Wait staff will ask what drinks you would like and bring out jugs for your table. We opted for Pepsi and water as Erin doesn’t drink anything fizzy. Whenever our jug was getting low we were brought another full drink.

Do we recommend visiting Pirate’s Dinner Adventure Orlando?

John and I loved our first experience at Pirate’s Dinner Adventure Orlando in 2013 so much that we went back in 2023 with Erin.

Although the prices may seem quite steep at the time of booking, you do a three-course meal, and drinks and watch a fantastic show. Erin especially loved being a part of the show, cheering on our yellow pirate and routing for the good guys to win at the end. We all had a great time, ate a pretty delicious dinner and watched something suitable for the whole family. It wouldn’t surprise me if Erin asks to go back the next time we go to Orlando. 

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