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We’re made up of Lyndsey, John and Erin, who all love a new adventure. We try to get away as much as possible, especially during school holidays and variety is a must for us. That means staying anywhere from a luxury hotel to a hostel and it’s not often we go to the same place twice. 

I love to look at menus and food options before I go away anywhere. When you’re with children, it makes things easier. Sometimes with Haven holidays, it can be hard to know what’s available until you get there. Here’s a breakdown of where to eat at Haven Wild Duck in Great Yarmouth!

Papa Johns

Papa Johns at Haven Wild Duck

Papa Johns is one of our favourites when it comes to staying on a Haven park. We tend to eat here at least once every time we’re on holiday with Haven. At Haven Wild Duck, you’ll find Papa Johns close to the Show Bar and arcade.

Prices are fairly reasonable considering you’re in a holiday park and there are always offers available. We usually order 2 large pizzas with 2 sides and 4 drinks, which is generally on offer for around £40. The offers vary and you can always order individually if you want to.

Papa Johns can also be ordered via the Haven Serve app, either for collection or delivery to your caravan or table in the Show Bar.

Large cheese pizza from Papa Johns

2024 opening hours

Monday 4pm – 12am
Tuesday 5pm – 10pm
Wednesday 5pm – 10pm
Thursday 5pm – 10pm
Friday 4pm – 10pm
Saturday 4pm – 10pm
Sunday 4pm – 10pm

The Sitting Duck restaurant

The Sitting Duck at Haven Wild Duck

The Sitting Duck is the main restaurant at Haven Wild Duck, and it serves breakfast, lunch and dinner (days may vary). You’ll find The Sitting Duck in the centre of the site, close to the Live Lounge and swimming pool.


The Sitting Duck is only open for breakfast a few days a week (see opening times below) and sometimes you can have breakfast with the Seaside Squad here. There are various offers to take advantage of, such as Kids Eat for £1, which runs quite often at Haven.

You can find menus below from a trip in May 2024.

The Sitting Duck breakfast menu
The Sitting Duck breakfast menu


The menu is a bit different at The Sitting Duck at lunch time. Unfortunately, we didn’t eat there over this time so I don’t have photos of the menu. However, you can expect light bites and things like wraps and paninis.


You’ll find a fuller menu for the evening in The Sitting Duck, as well as a special menu for Sundays. Think classic pub food on a holiday park! Haven tries to cater to most with the menu, offering things like burgers, curries, pasta and grills. On Sundays you’ll also have the choice of a roast dinner!

The Sitting Duck main menu

Throughout the week you’ll find various offers on the menu, as well as an offer for roast dinners on a Sunday. Be sure to check which offers are available and they can usually be found on the Haven app. As a family with mixed favourites when it comes to food, we all found multiple things we could have chosen. In fact, I had a hard time choosing just 1!

If you have someone who is vegan with you, you won’t struggle to find a vegan option on this menu. There are quite a few, mostly with products maded from Quorn. There’s definitely enough food to choose from if you plan to eat here more than once.

The Sitting Duck gammon, pineapple, chips and peas

Portions are decent and you can upgrade on some meals, such as the gammon meal you see above. It cost £4 extra to have more gammon. I chose this knowing my daughter would want to steal some! When it comes to prices, they are pretty standard for this kind of pub food. Expect to pay around £11-£15 for a main meal.

The Sitting Duck Sunday roast

Children’s menu

The Sitting Duck has a really good children’s menu, with plenty to choose from. For £5.99, children can choose a main, a portion of veg and a side. Children tend to eat for £1 a lot though at Haven with a purchase of a main meal so be sure to ask your server if you’re not sure. Desserts and drinks are extra. Either way, the children’s meals are great value. 

The Sitting Duck children's menu

The children’s menu also has some puzzles and colouring to keeps the kids occupied while they are waiting for their food.

Portion sizes are pretty good and the meal below was for Erin, aged 8. There’s enough without there being much waste although I think older children might want a bit more depending on their age.

The Sitting Duck children's chicken, chips and corn on the cob

2024 opening hours

Monday 9am – 10pm
Tuesday 11.30am – 9pm
Wednesday 11.30am – 9pm
Thursday 11.30am – 9pm
Friday 9am – 11pm
Saturday 9am – 11pm
Sunday 9am – 11pm

Cook’s Fish and Chips

Cook's Fish and Chips at Haven Wild Duck

When you’re on holiday, fish and chips is usually an easy option and something that most people like. At Haven Wild Duck, you’ll find Cook’s next to Papa Johns and close to the Show Bar and arcade. It’s within walking distance of all of the caravans here.

Cook’s is a great option if you’re looking for a quick dinner rather than a sit down meal. You can get most things like you would at your local chippy at home such as cod, fishcake, sausages, scampi and a variety of sides. Prices are higher than other places, with a few examples being:

Cod – £8.79
Fishcake – £3.49
Cod bites (5) – £6.49
Regular chips – £3.79
Large cheesy chips – £5.99
Mushy peas – £1.00

Cook’s Fish and Chips can also be ordered via the Haven Serve app, either for collection or delivery to your caravan or table in the Show Bar.

Cod and chips from Cook's Fish and Chips

2024 opening hours

Monday 4pm – 9pm
Tuesday 5pm – 9pm
Wednesday 5pm – 9pm
Thursday 5pm – 9pm
Friday 4pm – 9pm
Saturday 4pm – 9pm
Sunday 4pm – 9pm

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