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The O'Hallorans

The OHallorans

We’re made up of Lyndsey, John and Erin, who all love a new adventure. We try to get away as much as possible, especially during school holidays and variety is a must for us. That means staying anywhere from a luxury hotel to a hostel and it’s not often we go to the same place twice. 

I’m one of those people who loves to look at menus and food options before I go away anywhere. Sometimes with Haven holidays, it can be hard to know what’s available until you get there. Here’s a breakdown of where to eat at Haven Seashore in Great Yarmouth.

Burger King

Well-known and much loved burger fast food chain Burger King can be found on site at Haven Seashore, located in the Seashore Pavilion next to Papa John’s. You can order there, or use the Haven Serve app. Food can be delivered to your caravan or your table if you’re in the Marina Bar and Stage.

During our visit in April 2023 Burger King was open Monday to Friday 4pm to 10pm and Saturday and Sunday from 12pm to 10pm.

Papa John's and Burger King at Haven Seashore

Papa John’s

One of the great things about staying at this Haven location is Papa John’s and we tend to eat from here every time we visit. Papa John’s is located inside the Seashore Pavilion and you can either order there, or via the Haven Serve app.

The app allows you to order and have food delivered to your caravan or, to your table if you’re sat in the Marina Bar and Stage. We loved that we could watch the evening entertainment and not have to worry about what time we would be able to eat dinner.

Papa John’s isn’t the cheapest of pizza takeaways but there are quite a few offers available and you can tailor your order to suit you and your family.

During our visit in April 2023, Papa John’s was open daily from 5pm to 10pm.

Cook’s fish and chips

Cook's traditional fish and chips van at Haven Seashore

You can’t go to a seaside location without there being fish and chips on offer. Cook’s offers this in a takeaway van outside of the Shore Water Park.

Cook’s has quite a limited menu, only offering cod, cod bites, chips and a few sides like gravy, curry sauce and mushy peas. We decided not to eat here on this visit as there wasn’t enough choice for us as a family. What I would say though, is that it’s great for some quick chips if you’re close by or have just been swimming and want a fast dinner.

During our visit in April 2023 Cook’s was open on Friday and Saturday between 5pm and 10pm.

The Coast House

The Coast House at Haven Seashore exterior

The Coast House is the main restaurant at Haven Seashore, and it can be found right next to the Shore Water Park. Centrally located, this is a great restaurant to eat at no matter where you are staying on site.

Ahead of your holiday at Haven you can book tables for The Coast House on the Haven App. Popular times can get booked up however, we found that even when we hadn’t booked, we were able to walk in and get a table without much of a wait.

During our visit in April 2023, The Coast House was open Tuesday to Thursday 10am to 8pm and Friday to Monday 9am to 8pm.

The Coast House menu at Haven Seashore


Breakfast is available at The Coast House restaurant, daily until 11:30am. Some days there will be a breakfast with the Seaside Squad event, which you can find on the Haven app, or list of activities for your break.

Light bites and lunch menu

There are lighter bites available to eat at lunchtime too, however, we didn’t eat here during those times.

Main meals

The Coast House has a really great menu with a wide range of main meals. Even with a range of eaters in our family, with some fusser than others, we found something for everyone and we visited more than once. The menu has plenty of pub classics like burgers, grills, curry and the speciality rotisserie chicken.

Chicken Thai green curry at The Coast House at Haven Seashore

Usually, with holiday resorts the food can be away overpriced and not the best quality. That’s definitely not the case at Haven Seashore though. All of the main meals were really good value and the portions a really good size. In some cases, it was nearly a bit too much food for us (but we powered through).

Gammon, with pineapple, peas, chips and tomato from The Coast House at Haven Seashore


The Coast House has a lovely desserts menu, but it’s not huge. You’ll find a mixture of warmer and cold desserts, sharing options and cake from the Cakery. Sadly, there only seemed to be one vegan option on the menu.

Chocolate and caramel fondue from The Coast House at Haven Seashore

We chose to try a chocolate and caramel fondue which is a sharing platter. This is supposed to serve 4 people but John and Erin got it to share and nearly finished it between them. If 4 people were sharing they would roughly get only 1 piece of a lot of the different things.

Hot chocolate fudge cake with ice cream from The Coast House at Haven Seashore

We also decided to try the hot chocolate fudge cake, which comes from the Cakery. Served with either ice cream, cream or custard, this dessert says it will serve 2… and it will! We didn’t really believe that though and got one each which, looking back, was a bit of a mistake. Still, it was a delicious cake but there was a lot of it.

Desserts menu from The Coast House at Haven Seashore

Children’s menu

When we go on holiday not only do I like to look at what we might want to eat but more importantly, what there is for Erin. Some children’s menus can be very samey, and without many options to choose from. The Coast House has a great children’s menu with options for under 4s and older children.

Children's menu at The Coast House at Haven Seashore

Children can choose from a main part of their meal (step 1), move along to choose a veggie (step 2) and then a side (step 3). Erin had so many different things that she wanted to eat and we just didn’t have enough time to keep going back for dinner! It was nice that there was choices such as Quorn, different pastas and noodles, as well as favourites like burgers.

Children's burger sliders at The Coast House at Haven Seashore

Just like the meals from the main menu, the children’s meals are great value and you get good portions. For the price, children also get a drink included with the meal so this is even better. During our stay Erin’s meals were only £1 thanks to an offer we found (see below) and this really helped to bring costs down.


Keep an eye out for deals running at The Coast House. We found some on the app, where you can check which locations they are available at. Unfortunately, during our stay in 2023 we had to find these for ourselves and staff didn’t ever mention them to us. Some deals included ‘children eat for £1’ (with a paying adult) and ‘2 roast dinners for £15’ on a Sunday.

Beef roast dinner from The Coast House at Haven Seashore

The Coast House menus

Something I wanted to do before our holiday to Haven Seashore was to look at the menu, so I could see what we all might eat but also to help me budget. There doesn’t seem to be a menu available online though so please find some close up images below. These menus were correct as of April 2023 so they may differ at later dates.

Haven Seashore The Coast House classics menu
Haven Seashore The Coast House rotisserie chicken and grills menu
Haven Seashore The Coast House burger menu

Cakery and The Pizza Deck

As part of The Coast House building, you’ll also find the Cakery and The Pizza Deck (at the front and back respectively). The Cakery offers HUGE slices of cake and ice creams, which can be enjoyed inside. You’ll find The Pizza Deck outside, with outdoor seating only. This area is heated though so you won’t be too cold if it’s a bit chilly outside.

During our visit in April 2023 The Pizza Deck was supposed to be open daily from 11:30 to 8pm, as per the paperwork given to us on arrival. However, we visited over a weekend and never saw it open before 5pm.

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