An underwater adventure at Aquarium de Paris

Koi Carp pool at Aquarium de Paris

The O'Hallorans

The OHallorans

We’re made up of Lyndsey, John and Erin, who all love a new adventure. We try to get away as much as possible, especially during school holidays and variety is a must for us. That means staying anywhere from a luxury hotel to a hostel and it’s not often we go to the same place twice. 

When planning our trip to Paris, I wanted a mix of art, culture and fun things to do for children. One of the oldest aquariums in the heart of Paris, the Aquarium de Paris was an ideal choice to tie in with our trip to the Eiffel Tower. 

Where is the Aquarium de Paris?

Kleber Longchamp
65, Avenue Kleber 

Visit the website

Is there parking available?

The Aquarium de Paris does not have it’s own parking however, you can find public parking around 5 minutes away.

​Getting there via public transport

With the Aquarium de Paris being near enough across the road from the Eiffel Tower, and close to the Trocadéro gardens, you’ll find plenty of great transport links.  The nearest metro station is Trocadéro, serving lines 6 and 9. The number 22 bus also serves a station at Trocadéro. Other metro lines and buses serve stations a short walk away. 

Aquarium de Paris ticket office

​Opening times

Aquarium de Paris is open every day of the week from 10am to 6pm, with the shop closing at 7pm. Last entry is 1 hour before everything closes, which is at 7pm.

The Aquarium de Paris is open during most it is public holidays with the exception of 14th July, when it is closed. 

Entrance tickets 

You can buy tickets at the Aquarium de Paris ticket office or via the website. I personally found the website to be a bit confusing so we bought tickets on the day.  During busy times, the number of tickets available may be restricted. The best way to guarantee entry is to buy online though. 

2023 ticket price:

Adult tickets (13 years and older)26.50€
Child tickets (3 to 12 years old included)19€
Child tickets (under 3 years old)FREE
Night visitAdult: €29.50
Child: 24.50€
Annual passAdult: 70€
Child: €50
Reduced rate: 50€
Erin at Aquarium de Paris

Visiting the aquarium

Discover a range of aquatic life

Something I loved about this aquarium was that there was no messing about when it came to seeing the fish. As soon as you’ve paid or shown your tickets there are tanks right behind the reception desk. The vast tanks are full of different coloured fish, different types of fish and a really wide range of marine life. You can go from one tank to the next and see something completely different. 

Jellyfish at Aquarium de Paris

While we enjoyed walking around and looking at the different species of fish, we all noticed how small everything was. Some tanks hardly had any fish in them and some were repeated. While the jellyfish area was particularly impressive, more could have been done to make the fish a bit more interesting. 

Don’t miss the sharks

Aquarium de Paris is home to the biggest of shark tank in France so this is an area not to be missed. With a variety of species of sharks, you’re in for a treat with the likes of blacktip reef sharks, zebra sharks, sandbar sharks and hammerhead sharks. The shark tunnel is incredibly impressive as you’re able to see these amazing creatures swim all around you. 

Octopus at Aquarium de Paris

Visit the cinema

Just after the first section of the Aquarium de Paris, you’ll find a small cinema with large screens. During our visit, short films were playing about nature, pollution and littering. The films were in a cartoon style, ensuring children would be interested in watching. Although the films were in French, we were still able to follow what was happening and we enjoyed the break in the middle. If there’s a school trip in the cinema at the same time, it can be quite hard to find a seat at times. 

Make friends with koi carp

Towards the end of your visit there’s a really fun pool where you can make friends with koi carp. The petting pool is open and quite large, with plenty of space for children (or adults) to sit around the edges. The koi fish swim up to the top and edges of the pool and you’re welcome to put your hands/ fingers in and touch them. Of course, with these being animals you can’t always guarantee what will happen and sometimes the fish might not be interested. 

Koi Carp pool at Aquarium de Paris

How long can you spend at the aquarium?

The Aquarium de Paris is quite small and it’s definitely not somewhere you can spend the whole day. Depending on what you’re interested in and whether or not you visit the cinema, expect to spend around 1 hour here. It would be a good idea to also have other plans on the day of your visit. 

Fish at Aquarium de Paris

Food and drink

Sadly, there are no food and drink options inside the aquarium. However, there is an open air food venue just outside the entrance serving food like fried chicken, fries and crepes. Alternatively, there are other stalls selling crepes and waffles a short walk away.

As aquariums go, the aquarium of Paris is quite small in comparison to some we have here in the UK. However, it’s a great place to visit with children and something to do indoors if the weather is bad.

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